Zenarah Alkaline Water Filter Vortex System

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The perfect balance between tasting great, easy to drink, and healthy. It’s the Rolls Royce of all in one system. It’s our top recommendation, and the water we drink. This system achieves the highest level of contaminant removal including over 95.8% Fluoride removal. pH and ORP levels like the best electric ionizers, but with filtration capability that blows them away. There is no better way to enjoy water…unless you’re drinking from a glacier.

Creates Molecular Hydrogen
Uses Far Infrared
Uses Tourmaline
Uses Magnetics
Exceptional Oxidation Reduction Potential Output

Why this system exists

This system is built specifically for those who will not compromise on the quality of the water they drink. Let’s be honest… there are cheap reverse osmosis systems out there. However, just because the water is clean and doesn’t taste bad, doesn’t mean it is healthy. The Zenarah Easy Elite does far more to the water than any other system we know of on the market. If you find one, please let us know – we mean that in all seriousness, as believe that our clients should have the best water possible.

Over98% Fluoride Removal with Independent LAB results confirming
Incorporates Vortex Technology
Approx 80% lowering of wastewater amount over standard Reverse Osmosis
Enhancing of the water – Alkalising, Creating Molecular Hydrogen, Far Infrared, Tourmaline, magnetics, Oxidation Reduction Potential.
Easy replacement of cartridges


Reverse Osmosis Technology used
Over 98% Fluoride removal (Independent Lab Tested)
80% Less Water used than standard Reverse Osmosis
5-minute easy change cartridges
More Energy, No Bloating, Sleep Better
Vortex Structuring device incorporated into the system
Structured Alkaline Antioxidant water produced
Rich in molecular hydrogen
pH 9.0 or better, approx -300ORP
Enhances all beneficial minerals
Made in the USA
Filters – Tall 41cm or 16”, Wide 31cm or 12″, Deep 18.5cm or 7 1/4″ D
Tank – Tall 31 cm or 12″, Diameter 26cm or 10″
How it works

It all starts with removing the contaminants in the water.

Cleaning the water using reverse osmosis (RO) systems to remove most of the contaminants is the first stage, then your water is run through a resin to remove the rest of the fluoride.

The next stage is to restore the water to a natural state using a structuring device called a vortex generator. This spins water left and right. Structuring in simple terms is making water like it is in nature, imagine it bouncing down a mountain stream. Vortexing naturally adds electrical energy and also creates a grinding action to transform minerals into a colloidal state (smaller particle size) to make them more bio-available.

Once the water has been naturally energized through the vortex the last stage is adding a healthy mix of beneficial minerals to the water. Using a specially designed cartridge with slow-release minerals and ceramics (no worries about kidney stones or overdosing) you can create water with high pH levels, ionized antioxidant benefits, and the same light, super hydrating properties previously found only with electric water ionizers. Delicious non-bloating water.

Less waste, faster fill up

Reverse Osmosis systems are infamous for how much water they waste. It used to be if you want great filtration then you must waste a lot of water. That’s now not the case, the Easy Elite Water Optimizer pump which saves up to 80% more water than other RO systems. Less waste and lower water bills.

Traditional RO systems can take an age to fill especially if the water pressure is sub-standard (Under 60PSI) the Water Optimizer means your system should fill 4 times faster.

Faster fill-ups

Another consideration RO uses have traditionally had to deal with is waiting for water. Because the filtration restriction is so fine, it takes a significant amount of time to produce the clean, drinkable water. Just like with waste, if you wanted more water quicker, you had to choose less filtration.

The Water Optimizer eliminates the wait. By prioritizing the storage tank over the waste line, you will enjoy filling rates up to 4 times faster. Clean, efficient, and now without the wait.

Easy Changing filters

Getting under the sink is never fun regardless of how fit or flexible you are. Tight, cluttered spaces can make replacing RO filters a series of swear words, scraped knuckles, and bumps on the back of the head, this is why we usually pay somebody else to look after it.

Our Easy Elite incorporates a simple twist-off feature, which means if you can unscrew a light bulb, you can replace a filter in just a few seconds. Same time, save money.

4 filters get changed annually (Stage 1,2,4 and 5 - the inline alkaline). The membrane and tank should be replaced every three years.

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