Slow Feeding Bowl

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 I know you hate it when you put my food down and I've eaten it all in two seconds, I can't help it you know. I was one of 8 puppies and i tried to be polite and eat slowly as you showed me but when I did the other puppies were there and they at4e mine before I could get my share.  I am ALWAYS hungry!
My friend Laurie the Lab from the dog park said his loved ones got him a new bowl thats got special groves moulded onto it so he can have fun when he eats.  He  can only eat small bits at a time because the kebble falls between the groves and moulds. He loves it because it makes his dinner last longer and he can really taste every morsal.
His loved ones love it too because he doesn't get tummy ache anymore from eating too fast, and the best thing is that the vet always says nice things about him now, the vet says  he is the perfect size and weight and his coat is shiny and he has a healthy gut.  (He used to say he was overweight - how rude) 
I can't believe that people are getting all worked up over a bowl...... but.... can I have one......?

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