Dog Training Whistle

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Do you ever get sick of hearing your loved ones calling your name and complaining when you don't come? 
Has anyone ever told humans that when they call us we can hardly hear them, their voices sound like white noise in the wind.  They blend into the distance, they blend into the traffic or the rustling of the leaves.
We much prefer and believe me we respond instantly to high pitched noises and sounds.  If you can't learn to whistle like a farmer, then grab this training whistle and let us become the obedient best friend that you have wished for.
We are sorry that we don't always behave like the pooch that you dreamed of, we know we sometimes get excited and bark a little too enthusiastically, but buy this amazing whistle now and we can learn to communicate together like Dr Doolittle can. 
It's cool too, it's retro and stainless steel so it will shine like I do!

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